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Aureate is the home of the Alar. It is built high upon a steep mountain range hidden deep within The Dim Peaks. In its earlier days Aureate was largely inaccessible to anyone without wings; but as the city prospered, its population and thus demand for supplies increased, making trade a necessity. This forced the Alar to improve some of the mountain passes, improving access to its lower levels. Only approved merchants are allowed to travel these passes, under the watchful eye of the Sky Wardens. Lifts, cranes and bridges are used to transport goods up through the many levels of the city.

In spite of its altitude, the climate in Aureate is pleasant. This is thanks to warm air currents reaching the city from the tropical and cloud forests to the south-west. As well as warmth, these currents bring with them a thick white mist which often shrouds the base of the city.

While the climate may be suitable, the city of Aureate is too rocky for farming. Instead they forage for fruits, berries and wild vegetables in the surrounding forests and valleys, supplemented by a number of carefully-tended forest gardens in the woods close to the city. These same forests furnish the Alar with wood, reeds and hemp for crafts, and they also mine the surrounding peaks for ores and building materials.

The cuisine of Aureate is simple and mostly vegetarian. Staple foods include oca, eggs, sweet potatoes, goat’s milk, honey and every variety of tropical fruit. They have a fondness for sweet beverages, preferring honey-sweetened tea and sweet honey wine.

Aureate: Trivia
  • Aureate’s architecture is hierarchical. The most important buildings are situated near the top of the peaks, while the less significant structures appear lower down. Lady Alarina’s temple is, naturally, the very highest building in the city.
  • Most buildings are constructed from a combination of limestone, adobe blocks, marble and granite. In the evening, these stones reflect the evening sun, casting a warm, golden glow over the city - hence the name Aureate.
  • Although the peaks of Aureate are steep, they are not the tallest in the area, typically topping out at less than 2000m (below the region’s tree-line).