Thank you, readers! June 7, 2020

Dear long-and-new-time Spindrift readers. Iíve some sad news to share with you all.
Last month I decided to shelve Spindrift until further notice. I have also canceled all Kickstarter activities.

Trust me when I say that this wasnít an easy decision. Spindrift was my dream project and still is and will be my baby. IĎve been working on it for 9 years, Iíve fought for its existence through...

2019 announcements! January 21, 2019

Hello to all you lovely and patient people! It's the new year, and I have some announcements to make with regards to the comic.

I have one, and everyone forgot about it's existence. Me included. For that reason I'm actually considering getting rid of it, since I'm not sure if I will ever be using it actively anyway -and when I do write stuff it's usually in the Page notes, on Patreon or facebook, but as long as it's here I might as well get something out of it.

On the move. July 10, 2015

Hi leute!

For all the loyal fans who are wondering what the hack is going on here - especially for those of you who don't follow Spindrift on any of the social medias, YES, we're still around, NO I'm not quitting the comic :D.

Now that's cleared up, here's what's happening:

I'm sure all of you know by now that Charlotte, Spindrift's co-writer/partner in crime (or, more adequately, my personal hero, because without her this story would be next to unreadable) is actually an amazing novelist.

She wrote a number fantastic titles, and now she has returned to The Seven Realms, the world of her debut series, for her new novel: Seven Dreams, which is now up for pre-orders (continue reading for the blurb, and info on where to order the book :D).

Guest Art & Happy New Year! January 1, 2015

Thank you all for being such amazing people. 2014 was a very difficult year, and it means so much to me that you guys stuck with me and were so supportive and understanding of my situation. Thanks for all the caring messages, the encouragement, but also simply for enjoying the comic with us! I wish all you drifters a happy, healthy and creative new year, and many Spindrift updates ;).

Over at Reverie Comics we did a secret santa thing. Check it out :D.

Last week, I posted a rather personal blog about our 3rd Spindrift year. I was moved by all the wonderful and compassionate reactions. More than one of them hit me right in the feels (in a good way). Thank you so much, guys! You might think that digital hugs and words of support do little my situation, but together they create a wave of encouragement and appreciation. Reading all of them was incredible motivating and rewarding, and strengthened my resolve to stick with what I'm doing. You guys make up a great readership (Drifters? Can I call you guys Drifters... or Spinners? ;) ), and I'm proud to draw and write for you guys!

Yes, I'm being slightly ironic when I say happy. I can't really make things any nicer than they are, and several friends told me that writing about the last year might be therapeutic. So, I might as well say it. This year really sucked.

I'm writing this partly for the newer Spindrift readers who might not know what's going on with the comic, partly for my old readers who've been such a huge support and deserve to know my status, and partly for myself, in the hope to find some peace in getting it off my chest.

Worldmap reveal. June 10, 2014

Hi leute. It's been a while since my last blog. Sadly, me and my family were faced with more tragedy and I had a few hard weeks trying to deal with everything that has happened in the past months. I wasn't making much progress with anything else - as a result there wasn't much to blog about.

But, I think I'm done with being angry at life and I'm trying to move forwards again. I can't say that I feel great, but I feel less crappy for sure. That's progress, right?

When I started writing this, I had the mind to talk about how I was doing. But after several attempts I've decided that I can't get my head to work with me on this, so I'm going to save that part for an other time. Instead I'll talk about the comic's progress (it is International Day Of Happiness after all, so my excuse could be: not wanting to be ironic?).

Imagicon March 20, 2014

ImagiconAfter some initial doubts, I've decided that I won't change my plans to attend to Imagicon (29 March. Ede, The Netherlands). Since the event takes place in the Netherlands it became a great excuse to plan some extra family time too, which definitely helped my decision. But I'm also really looking forward to the distraction, to geeking out at this brand new event and the chance to meet some of you guys!

... February 13, 2014

This is the worst news I never imagined I would have to share.

Last Tuesday our family received the terrible news that my sweet and beautiful little sister was involved in a horrible car accident. The doctors did everything they could and more, my sis fought for her life - but it wasn't enough to save her.

Hai guise, I've some great news! I've worked on creating a bit of a buffer for the comic, and I feel like I've enough pages in storage to kick off chapter 2. We will do exactly that, on Thursday the 30th - with the cover of chapter 2, (and the Thursday after that, 6th of Feb page 76 will go up). I plan to resume weekly updates from there on.

You guys all deserve a medal for your patience. I know that it's been a long wait and there's some things that we need to check off our list still before we will resume updating the comic. but we're getting very close to that point.

Comic Creators for Freedom November 9, 2013

We're participating in this year's edition of the Comic creators for Freedom project.
For those who are unfamiliar with the initiative: "Each year, comic creators from around the world come together to raise funds in support of Love146, a charitable organization whose goal is to end child trafficking and exploitation."

Hi guys! I've been taking things a bit slowly -- mostly because I needed a break more than I liked to admit -- but as of this week I'm back to working on the comic full time. I'm still working on the pre-production of chapter 2 and on getting chapter 1's book and it's extra content ready for print. Besides that I'm preparing a crowdfunding campaign that we'll run to get that very book into your hands. Yes, you heard it right. We'll be doing a Kickstarter! Expect to hear more about that in the upcoming weeks.

Contest Results October 8, 2013

Now that we've got the new site up and running, it's time to announcing the winners of the 'Send the cast a message' contest! Let me start by saying that we loved reading your messages. To everyone who entered the contest: Thank you for making us smile!

Below are the winning entries and runners-up, followed by a reply to the message.

Having a spiffy new website is nice and all that, but we know that you guys mostly care about getting new pages. I've gotten a lot of questions about how the comic is made, so I decided to blog about our progress so that people can see what we're currently working on - how we go about it - and what still needs to be done.