Morwenna Agenar
Known as 'Wenna' to her friends, Morwenna Agenar is the daughter of an Alar woman and an Ildrei man. She lives with her uncle Cimos and his son Hayden in Aureate, though her halfblood status prevents her from being viewed as a full citizen. Forbidden to gain her wings like the other Alar, Wenna must rely on her physical strength and agility to make her way around the heights of Aureate on foot. Eager to please and anxious to fit in, Wenna works hard at her uncle's forge as an apprentice blacksmith.

Hair: Brunette. Eyes: Green. Age: 24. Race: Halfblood Alar/Ildrei.
Profession: Blacksmith apprentice.

Hayden Agenar
Son of Cimos Agenar and cousin to Morwenna, Hayden is a hot-headed but loyal young soldier. Dedicated to his goal of becoming an elite warrior, Den spends most of his time training himself in the combative arts. Nonetheless he still finds time for a drink and a joke with his friends, though his pranks do not endear him to his superiors. Friendly and habitually cheerful, Den is devoted to his cousin in spite of her status as an outsider in Aureate.

Hair: Light Blond. Eyes: Blue. Age: 27 Race: Alar.
Profession: Sky Warden

Neburas Rugon
Lord Neburas Rugon is a member of the old aristocracy of the Ildrei, and head of the Rugon family. In the past, the Rugons were prominent among the Ildrei leadership, the Faolchú. But a rebellion destroyed the old customs and replaced the aristocracy with a group of power-hungry barbarians. Angered and distraught at the new Faolchú's appalling leadership, Neburas is determined to overthrow the rebels and regain his family's rightful place at the head of Ildrei society.

Hair: Black with streaks of grey. Eyes: Green. Age: 47. Race: Ildrei.
Profession: Pack leader. Spindrift talent: Controller.

Inez Rugon
Sister to Neburas, Inez shares his anger at the Faolchú's treatment of the Ildrei people. She is staunchly loyal to the Rugon family and defers to her brother's leadership, but her energy and ruthlessness sometimes put her at odds with Neburas. Single-minded and determined, Inez will spare nothing and nobody in her quest to restore the Rugons to power.

Hair: Black. Eyes: Green. Age: 39. Race: Ildrei.
Profession: Neburas' right hand. Spindrif talent: Weaver / Controller.

Cimos Agenar
Cimos Agenar is a loyal citizen of Aureate. When his wife died in childbirth, Cimos gave up his career as a soldier in order to take care of his son, Hayden. He made a new career as a blacksmith, building a reputation as one of the best weaponsmiths in the city. Left in charge of his sister's child, Cimos treats Morwenna like his own daughter. He does his best to shield her from the disapproval she meets elsewhere in Aureate.

Hair: Grey Blond. Eyes: Blue. Age: 53 Race: Alar
Profession: Blacksmith

Neva Agenar
Neva Agenar is sister to Cimos and mother to Morwenna. Neva left Aureate in her early twenties to travel the world - taking her spirit-wings with her, a choice forbidden by Alar law. Now she must forever avoid her home city for fear of reprisal. When her daughter was born, Neva chose the life of an Alar citizen for her daughter rather than the life of a nomad and an outcast. She left the baby with her brother, knowing that he would raise her as his own.

Hair: Gold Blond. Eyes: Honey. Age: 44 Race: Alar
Profession: Unknown

Alarina is the goddess of the Alar. Powerful and demanding, she is the bestower of the legendary Alar wings.

Ildrus, the Ildrei god, is opportunistic and ruthless. Above all else, he loves to win.

Kimur Charis is a wise and ambitious advisor of Aureate, and an old friend of Neva Agenar.

Cheves is an Alar in exile, and Kimur’s lover. Knowledgeable and well-connected, he is a powerful ally.

The Crow is a member of the Rugon pack. A talented scout, he is also a Seer.

Helmar is Neburas Rugon’s most loyal follower and right-hand man. He is an Ildrei Weaver.

Bramer is an alchemist and apothecary. He serves as the doctor for the Rugon pack.