April 13, 2016

I had a tiny celebration when page 90 went up, which was when I hit my 100th spindrift page drawn, mark. But this really is the 100th page of the story. Hell-yeah, milestone!

A lot has happened in-between the first and the 100th page. To say that my persistence and confidence have been tested would be a bit of an understatement :). Throughout the last year I worried, often and a lot, about how on earth I was going to make up for all the delay. And about how it will affect the project and you guys, the readers.
But I'm going to try and stop dwelling on that. It's behind me, and I'm using this as a fresh start. I'm reminding myself to be be glad with everything that I -did- accomplish, be thankful for having the opportunity to realize this dream and to look ahead.

Hurray for stubbornness, and thank you guys for all the love on facebook last week! It really helped me through some rough days. I hope you all like the page!

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