May 19, 2017

Hey again!
It's me, with a new page fresh from the... ehm computer and a bit of exciting news. But first, the briefest of depression-status-reports. Well, ok. Technically the page was first, but let's not be antfuckers about it (don't us Dutch people have the most wonderful expressions :'D).

I'm drawing, so that's good. I've the tendency to take on more than I can chew however, so I'm currently in a place where I've a few good days, find myself desperately wanting to make up for all of my lost time in those, driving myself nuts; ending up stressed, super tired and unhappy. Then I've a few bad days. Rinse. Repeat. Rollercoaster.

The good news is that the net result is still a positive one. I think I've drawn more in the last 2 or 3 months than in the previous year all together, I'm also enjoying it a lot more.

Anyhow. That's what's up in that department.

Onto the exciting news. Spindrift's backstage superhero and co-writer Charlotte, has started publishing a weekly Fantasy fiction serial which you can read for free! So if you haven't already read all of her books, you can get familiar with her work here. And if you're like me and have already read all of her books you will be happy to know there's more! :D You'll find it at:

I would like to thank everyone once more for their patience, and give a super special shout-out to my amazing Patreon Patrons, who kept believing in me and Spindrift through this rotten hiatus.
Thank you, for your support and the confidence!

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