April 18, 2019

Afternoon everyone!

Aaaand we're back with a new page! Took a bit longer than planned, thanks for waiting! I was hit over the head with the flu. That's probably not how the saying goes, but that sure is what it felt like. I'm feeling a bit better today though, so things are looking up again!

Same thing is true for Morwenna. Wen's getting ready to head out into the city, meet her teacher and learn about the 'drift (hopefully!)! But first things first: New outfit! Do you think Cheves did an OK job shopping for her?

In the first quarter of 2019 I've been working on Spindrift almost full time. It's been a blast drawing for the project again and to find so many of you guys here, wanting more. I've a ton of exciting stuff planned for Spindrift. Right now, my Patreon enables me to do those things. It covers Spindrift's costs (Hosting, domain, Dropbox subscription, that sorta stuff). And than there some funds left, which last year covered part of my health insurance during my depression and allowed me to replace my broken Wacom drawing tablet. I'll always be utterly grateful to that very loyal group of people who kept supporting me even when I wasn't able to give back!

The Patreon has been a focus for me in the past few months (extra previews, sketch pages and so on) and I've more stuff cookin'. So, if you like what I'm doing and want to see more and help me out as a creator, consider becoming one of my supporters. Every dollar helps me get closer to a sustainable Spindrift, which is the ultimate goal! If you can't support me financially but want to contribute in another way, sharing the comic is a great way to help too, and is much appreciated!

Of course, while I'm at it, here's an enormous shout out to all my current Patrons. Thank you for spending your hard earned bucks on Spindrift. For helping to keep a good thing going! *HIGH FIVES*

xx Elsa

Ps: The old link to Discord stopped working. Here's the new server link. Come and say hi!

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