May 21, 2019

Hello everybody!

Whew, it's done! And by that I mean, this page. And not just Game of Thrones XD (if you want to know how I feel about GoT and/or share your own thoughts/memes, we've a channel for it on our Discord server ).

I did spend way too much time on the bottom panel of this page, but I have to say that I'm kind of happy with how it came out. I wanted that sense of a market/city coming to live in the morning and I think I got there in the end :D. If you're curious about the painting process, I screen captured it (or, most if it anyway. I did lose a bit of the recording unfortunately) and I'll be sharing that on my Patreon later this week, once I'm done compacting numerous hours of video into 5-10 min :D.

I'm also just generally happy that I have finished another scene. It feels good to be making steady progress again! The last few weeks haven't feeling my best but I kept drawing trough it, which is a big confidence boost; to know that even on days where my mood says 'nope', I can still get some stuff done. *power pose*

As for the coming weeks: I have a commission coming up. I did cancel most of my commissions this two quarters to work on Spindrift, but this is a 3 year book series that I'm working on (year 3 out of 3) so I have a contract for this one.
It's also just a really fun commission to work on, but it does mean that I've less time for the comic in June. Spindrift updates will focus on the minicomic for the time being, while I finish the commission and prep for the next scene of the main story. I need to sketch the new pages out and I've some ideas I want to try with my style (if I can muster the courage)... I will let you guys know when there's any news, and don't forget to check the minicomic ^__^!

I wish all of you a kick-ass rest of the week! Thanks for reading! <3

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