November 11, 2019

Hello to all of you 'drifters!!

October flew by so fast! It was a bit of a weird month for me. Some lows and some highs. But since I'm feeling pretty optimistic right now I'm determined to only mention the good stuff.

I've cleared my schedule for the upcomming weeks; meaning that I've finished work related deadlines and I can do a few weeks of full-time Spindrift again!! I'm hoping to really lift a bit of weight in that regard but I've not been feeling super fit so we'll have to see how much I can do. I'm really aiming to finish several new pages before the holidays though! Any and all encouragement is welcome :D!

An other cool thing that happened to me, is that I played in my first international Roller Derby tournament with my team. And we fucking won it! :O. Nobody saw that coming (we were one of the underdog-teams playing), certainly not us. But we pulled it off, thanks to an amazing mindset of the team, our hard work and the support from friends and family, and it was an amazing experience.
If you'd told me ten years ago that I would play a full-contact team sport competitively, enjoy it and even be decent at it, you would have caused me to have a laughing fit. As a nerd, a girl, and someone who's always felt frail and... what ever the very opposite of athletic is, I always told myself that that was just not in my scope of possibilities. I realize that none of you guys are here to listen to me talking about how amazing roller derby is, but I just want to share this bit if positivity with anyone who's doubting and or feeling insecure about trying out (a sport, or a lifestyle change or any similar challenge). Take it from me: you're absolutely more bad-ass than you think and you've got this!

Back to Spindrift. Like I said, full time Spindrift focus for a few weeks at least! Which is awesome, but it also means no income besides Patreon. So, if you can, please consider supporting me there. For less than a cup of coffee a month you are getting access to my entire activity feed (which has sketches, blogs, making-offs, previews, and a lot more). My Patreon supporters are a huge deal for me: without them there wouldn't be any new pages.

And since we're already on the subject: Happy Birthday to Elendar; Long time Patron of Spindrift!

Thank you all! Enjoy the page, and 'till the next one!

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