January 27, 2020

Inez rolled a natural 20 on her anger management check :D. Sorry to those of you who were hoping for a fight XD!

How are you guys doing? I'm doing pretty decent myself! Well. Ok. I had one off-week, where I was ill, but other than that I have been great and absolutely crazy-busy with something super exciting. And I can finally talk about it a bit!

My long-time followers will know that a few years ago I was preparing to launch a Kicstarter to bring chapter one to print. We had the campaign page ready, filmed our video, had a printer and a partner in the US. We were about to kick it off (pun intended). It was around this time of the year as well. Then my sister got into the car crash. I canceled the whole ordeal. I didn't want to ofc -- and for a while I thought I could still go trough with it. I didn't want to disappoint people who were excited for the book, and I wanted to commit to making Spindrift, printing the book would be a big step into creating some financial grounds to justify investing so much of my time into the comic. But I wasn't functioning. Instead, depression happened.

I've never given up on the dream however. And while it took me ages to put myself together again, and then some to muster the courage, I want a retry! So, I guess this is me announcing my Kickstarter plans, in a very cumbersome and overly personal manner XD, true to form. Hello!

In the past month we (me, Charlotte and a small but awesome team of friends!) have been secretly scheming on this and working suuuper hard to prepare and plan. We've found a printer that will create a book of the desired level of awesomeness. Most of the budgeting and planning for shipping and packaging is also done. There's still plenty of work to do (the video, campaign page, the cover), but my cautious estimation is to go live somewhere around the end of March! We'll keep you guys updated on our progress!

There's one other thing that's coming, especially for Spanish readers: A Spanish translation! The amazing Josue Aldana worked on translating chapter 1. I'm going trough the chapter to make notes for the print run and while I'm at it, I will create a version with Spanish dialogue. I'll be releasing them in scenes trough the upcoming weeks!

In the mean time, you're invited to join my Discord. We've a warm and welcoming community there. We talk about Spindrift, games, art, cats... and whatever else we feel like!

And, if you want to see more of my art: I joined Instagram so give me a follow there! I'm also looking to follow other artist there so I encourage you to comment with your @name and I'll look you up!

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