March 6, 2014

This week -so far- wasn't my best. I'm trying not to think too much, and to keep myself busy. Bad hours and OK hours take turns, tears come and go. Even so, I did manage to get some work done - I sketched some of the upcoming scenes - and to give things a positive spin: I am actually somewhat satisfied with the results.

There has also been some collateral damage. Today I untactful ruined my camera by dropping it on the floor. The floor won that one, which means I won't be able to shoot photo reference for a while. If you'd force me to give that a positive spin too I'd say that perhaps it's good practice? *groan*

Just as a heads up, this is the last page in my buffer of previously finished pages, meaning that I can't promise that there will be a page next week. It will be a little bit of an "It's done when it's done" type of deal from here on. Just know that I'm trying my best, and that I dislike skipping updates as much (possible more) as you guys do.

Here's a random song that never fails to make me smile.

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