July 24, 2014

Hi guys! It's time for a new page, and actually on a Thursday as intended! I'll give you guys a small status report on how things are going; I'm still wrapping up things for the kickstarter and during previous weeks I've also sketched out a whole bunch of new SD pages and I worked on the story quite a bit - stuff that also needs to be done.
I'm still not working on optimal speed (there's still days where feeling sad consumes most of my energy) but I think I'm doing a tiny bit better each week even though it continues to be a '2 steps forward, 1 step back' kind of thing.
Long story short, I'm getting there. Eventually. Baby steps.

I've two shout outs for you this week:
First: Amya's Kickstarter for their first book is happening right now. She's one of my Reverie comic collective colleagues and Amya is an amazing webcomic, so go and take a look.

Second: My friends Taneka Stotts and Christianne Goudreau are kicking off their new webcomic: Full Circle on the 27th. It looks super promising, as could be expected of these kick-ass ladies, so keep an eye on that too, it's going to be a-ma-zing!

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