December 16, 2018

Hey, a new page!

Old-time readers might wonder, "hey, what's this page doing here". Well allow me to explain :D.

I've a list of "things I really really want to add/fix in the comic". The list is very short. Not because I don't see things that could be better, but because I can't go around changing everything all the time XD.
So I really try to pick my battles, so to speak, and only change the things that I feel are both doable and really bring value to the reading experience.

This was one of them. I've always felt this scene really needed the extra page. It gives us a chance to read how Morwenna feels about the situation and it adds a sense of distance and time passing to their journey (Without this page it sorta feels like they arrive in Brokers Vale super quickly).

Because of this extra page though, page notes from here on till page 105, will sometimes refer to incorrect page numbers (When I'm celebrating page 100 for instance, that page has now become 101 :D).
Also, old external links to a particular Spindrift page between 88 and 105, now link to the expected page +1. Not a huge deal- but I figured I should let you guys know. :D

Enjoy the extra page, and happy holidays!!

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