September 26, 2015

Hey Everyone!

I hope you're all doing fabulous. And to make your weekend a little bit better I've a new SD page for you all :D. I know that I'm still not meeting the bi-weekly schedule that I am trying for; I'm still a little swamped, but my off days are getting fewer and I feel like I'm no longer spinning out of control like I would when they happen. So all in all I am calling it progress :D.

I'm also just going to stick with it for the upcoming weeks, aiming for the bi-weekly updates, then check in with you guys again. I'll try to keep everyone in the loop.

Maybe you've already saw me mentioning Patreon in a comment here or there, but in case you've missed that: After a whole bunch of requests we've decided to set up a Patreon page. We've been working on it in the past week and it will be up before (or alongside) the next Spindrift Page! Stay tuned, and have a marvelous weekend!

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