October 15, 2015

I'm super excited to announce that I've launched a Patreon page! I'm looking forward to hanging out there, talking to you guys, sharing sketches, backstage stuff and possibly other things that you guys might be interested in :D.

Why Patreon? Will there still be a Kickstarter?

I've been updating Spindrift since 2011, and while it was once intended as a side project (hahaha, such innocence), it quickly became a fulltime job. I've had the chance to work on Spindrift for years without a financial compensation (ad revenue barely covers our hosting costs) and, let's be honest, it really is a privilege that I was able to do so. However, if I'm to continue to put my heart and hours into doing this, I will need Spindrift to sustain me at least a little bit.

We planned to accomplish this with a printed edition, and this is still the plan. How ever, as many of you will know, tragic events in 2014 and my slow recovery afterwards, caused a great deal of delay.

You guys have been nothing but amazing in your support and patience, and I refuse to repay that with a rushed print edition by sending a half-assed product to print. If I'm to make a book, I want it to be a glorious book indeed! So I'm taking the time I need to get it done well.

During the past months I've been getting an increasing amount of requests for me to join Patreon. But with my bumpy road to recovery (and equally bumpy update schedule), I didn't feel deserving enough to ask my fans for financial aid, especially with the Kickstarter still in the pipeline.

It took quite a few people to change my mind (a respectable accomplishment on it's own :'D) but I did indeed throw those crazy notions overboard.

So with equal shares of excitement and humbleness, I am asking you guys to consider becoming a Patron of this comic! Your support would mean the world to me, and even the smallest gift will help me continue this rather crazy adventure.

Also, I just love to hear from you guys. Whether it's your thoughts on this page, us being on Patreon or, or something else entirely <3.

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