January 7, 2016

Hey all! I had to take a break from everything during the holidays and I did this without notice, which was a terrible decision (sorry!). I hope you'll allow me to set things straight.

I've been struggling with my mental health in the past two years, and while I am improving there are still times when I'm a complete zombie. November/December were like that.

The 8th of December would have been my sisters 26th birthday and even though I miss her every single day, that day, the holidays and the days leading towards them remain extra difficult and confronting. I made the mistake of keeping my struggles to myself rather than reaching out and talking about them, and I've been a wreck because of it.

After having a breakdown early December I admitted that it wasn't just a few bad days or a winter depression. I finally was able to open up a bit and talk about my shitty feelings ;). My husband, friends and family helped me through the rest of December. I'm also in the process of getting professional help (though the process so far as been admitting that I need someone to help me through this mourning process - baby steps, right?).

I don't want to end this on a low note though, because I'm working very hard to get to a happier place again. I'm not drinking for a month. I've been exercising a lot, going outside more and I am working on breaking other bad habits (like, not sleeping XD). My next step is to draw again, which brings us to this update.

I really hope you guys like the new page, and that you will forgive me for my absence and lack of communication in the past month. Also, I do hope everyone had amazing holidays and I wish you all a kick-ass 2016.

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