January 28, 2019

Hey everyone! Let me start by thanking you all for the warm welcome-back that I've received last week. It was a huge joy to read your comments and to recognize so many of your names! Naturally, I hope that many new readers will continue to find and follow the comic, but you long time readers have a special place in my heart <3!

I had no idea what to expect upon my return. My worst fear was that nobody at all would get to see my update, due to all the restrictions in reach that most social media have these days. Those are especially punishing on long content breaks.
But so far it appears that this comic and it's reader base are far more resilient than I ever imagined to be possible. It gives me hope for the future!

Today I'm posting the first update -and cover- of the first Spindrift mini comic "The Dagger and the Mark".
This cover is actually a collaboration: The design and line art of this cover was done by the amazingly talented Marissa Delbressine, creator of Itshou and artist of Ward, among many other things (I can recommend everyone to go and check out her work!). She really did an awesome job on it, and I had a blast colouring the page!

The comic itself will be in black and white, and it features some new characters who we'll meet in the main story in due time. I will updated mini comic pages in between the normal updates.

I hope you all will enjoy the read!

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