October 18, 2019

Hello and goodmorning/afternoon/evening to you all!

This page took me waaay too long, so I apologize for making you guys wait. I wasn't satisfied with the first 3 panels and redid them a few times. Oops. And me having the flu threw an other wrench in my plan.

Then, after rendering it all, I realized that I had drawn Ryold (that's his name) with a cup and saucer, which made me wonder if that would even be a thing in the Spindrif time/technology. That led me down a rabbit hole of researching the history of saucers. I have the weirdest job. Lovin it!

But in the end I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! And I am mostly better again, so all is well XD. Next up will be an other main-story page!

On Patreon I'll post the steps of the 4th panel, for those who are interested in that sorta thing. Of course, if you like the comic, do consider supporting it on Patreon. It allows me to make more Spindrift and continue to dedicate my time to this instead of other assignments!

Thanks for reading!!

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