July 2, 2019

Hey everyone!

We're back with a new minicomic page!
I've been working my ass of in a very hot studio in the past few weeks, but I've been doing work that was a lot of fun.
I've made this particular page of course, which was a joy to work on. I really can't help myself with these backgrounds, even when I know they will be coloured super dark I have to go all out XD. I like how it turned out tho, with a bit of a film noir vibe.

For those who are wondering about the progress with the main story: I've drafted out two complete new scenes! This week I'll be doing some script work and have the rough pages proofread. I'll make edits if needed, and then I'll start working on page 111 <3. We'll be returning to some old friends with the next scene! I can't wait!

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Have a lovely week!!

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