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Why should I donate?
We make Spindrift with a lot of love and care. We have many plans to expand the Spindrift universe; to provide our fans with more content and we've our minds set on keeping the web-comic available free of charge. If you have any means of offering support we would be forever grateful!

Q: What will you do with my donation?

Donations help us cover the costs of making and publishing the comic. Costs like hosting the website, and the hardware and software that we need to make the comic.

Q: Why do you only accept PayPal?

At the moment PayPal is a fast and easy way for us to collect donations. Since it is global and free to make an account we chose this method as primary.

Q: I have a different question.

If you have trouble donating, have feedback or have ideas to contribute otherwise, mail us at info@spindrift-comic.com

No money? Still want to help? No problem!

Spread Spindrift all around the globe! Share the comic to your friends and family on Twitter or Facebook (or go crazy and send it per bottle or balloon!)!